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About Us


BioGasol is owned by Fjord Capital Partners who bought the Company in 2010 from original backers BankInvest - New Energy Solutions. In 2012 BioGasol received a further €5 million in new equity financing from Fjord Capital Partners and Unipension.

Between 2007 and 2011, BioGasol was awarded more than €14 million from the Danish Government to build a bioethanol process plant [link to Copenhagen Biofuels page when available] and demonstrate the company’s core technologies. The first stage of this project has led to the development of high yielding pretreatment and fermentation solutions.

BioGasol spun out its innovative C5 and C6 sugar co-fermentation technology into sister company Estibio at the end of 2012. Estibio’s patented Pentocrobe® microorganisms enable rapid, high yield, first and second generation bioethanol production.

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