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C5 Fermentation

C5 sugar fermentation

Pentoferm™ is BioGasol’s proprietary technology that optimizes the utilization of C5 sugars. Pentoferm™ enables the conversion of C5sugars into ethanol using the thermophilic bacterium Pentocrobe™.

With Pentoferm™ it is possible to achieve an up to 40 percent higher ethanol yield from 1 ton of biomass.



Licensing of Pentocrobe™ bacterium


BioGasol offers the licensing of the thermophilic bacterium Pentocrobe™. Furthermore BioGasol offers various laboratory and pilot tests for C5 fermentation of feedstock. For pilot tests BioGasol uses a Pentoferm™ 25D pilot reactor.




Pentoferm™ can be installed with BioGasol’s Carbofrac™ system or as a bolt-on system to existing first generation bioethanol facilities.


You can read about the tests and services for C5 fermentation under Tests and Services.

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