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BornBioFuel - BioGasol's European demonstration facility
BioGasol has since the beginning of 2011 been working on phase 2 of the "BornBioFuel" demonstration plant project, after developing cost-effective and scaleable solutions within pretreatment and C5 fermentation during BornBioFuel 1 (2008-2010). The integrated plant will demonstrate BioGasol core technologies, individually as well as in a coherent process, for cellulosic bioethanol production. The core technologies are developed at BioGasol in Ballerup, Denmark, however other unitoperations will be delivered by third-party vendors such as distillation, separation, drying, anaerobic digestion etc. The plant will be located near Copenhagen, Denmark.


A wide array of biomasses will be converted into ethanol, biogas and solid fuel. The integrated BornBioFuel plant is designed to demonstrate feedstock flexibility, which means the plant will be demonstrating conversion of agricultural residues such as straw, garden waste, energy crops and grass from road sides. Also it will be possible to run campaigns on other non-local feedstock for testing purposes.

The BioGasol process concept allows the plant to be energy self sufficient. The heat and power in the plant can be integrated with an external energy system. Furthermore all process water is to be re-used in the plant, thus minimizing the waste as well as water consumption.



The project has been granted 27.5 mill. DKK (3.7 mill. EUR) for BornBioFuel 1, where the core technologies based on BioGasol proprietary developments have been developed to scale.


This has been followed up by a second grant for the technology integration of 78.2 mill. DKK (10.5 mill. EUR) under the BornBioFuel 2 project. Furthermore BioGasol has together with scientific partner Aalborg University received a grant of 12.4 mill. DKK (1.7 mill. EUR) for supporting pilot plant activities. All grants have been awarded by the Danish Ministry of Energy and Climate under the EFP and EUDP programmes.


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