BioGasol’s Value Proposition

Technology and Process Concept

BioGasol's Value Proposition

BioGasol offers industry enabling technologies and know-how within biochemical conversion of ligno-cellulosic biomass (i.e. agricultural residues, wood chips, straw, garden waste etc.). The company has developed a cost effective continuous pretreatment system and a unique C5 fermention process, which are two of the critical process steps within ligno-cellulosic, or 2nd generation, biofuel production. The BioGasol solutions are feedstock flexible and thus suitable for deployment worldwide. BioGasol has also developed a coreherent process concept, which is well integrated and utilises more than 80% of the energy potential in the biomass.  


BioGasol is a combined biotechnology and engineering company in the field of renewable energy. The core competences lie in the development and design of process technologies for the production of bioethanol and other products from lignocellulosic biomasses.


The technology can be used for green field plants or for bolt on plants to existing first generation ethanol plants. Using the yields obtained in the pilot plant 1.36 USD per Gallon is a valid estimate of the Minimum Ethanol Sales Price (MESP) for the Nth plant and BioGasol believes that its current development projects will reduce the MESP to about 1.0 USD per Gallon.


Our road map towards the market consists of four gates. We are in the third gate where we have a number of projects related to demonstration plants and technology development projects with international partners.





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